South Park ATV Tours Video


I Just purchased a new GO Pro HD2, and wanted to test the Video.  The camera was mounted on my helmet for the driving shots, and the camera also does time lapse stills.  I used Sony Vegas Pro to Rendered  the video, make the picture in picture effects.  The footage was shot in March 2012, in the Four Mile Creek area between Fairplay, and Buena Vista, Colorado.  Its was a really nice warm day this time of year.

Hope you enjoy the video, and look forward to making more videos as the season unfolds.

The full video can be found on YouTube here , click on change quality to view in High Definition.




This is a short movie, about a guy that gets stressed out at work, and with the city. Wants to go on a vacation to the Colorado Mountains, at the American Safari Ranch, located near Breckenridge, near Fairplay, Colorado. Sony Vegas Pro 11 software used. The intro was made in Adobe After Effects CS5.5.  Footage shot with Nikon D90, and GOPRO HD hero 2, Rendered using Intel Core i-7. Visit for more information.

Here's the YouTube Link

Hope you enjoy, give it a thumbs up on YouTube, if you do.




Here's the new South Park ATV Tours Intro, that will be used for future videos.  The animation was created using Adobe After Effects CS5.5, and the Logo was created in Photoshop.